Friday, 10 March 2017

Facing Our Feelings: How Natural Coping Tendencies Explain When Hedonic Motivation Predicts Media Use

an article by Elise M. Stevens and Francesca R. Dillman Carpentier (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA) published in Communication Research Volume 44 Issue 1 (February 2017|)


According to mood management theory, individuals are hedonically motivated to select media content that facilitates a positive mood state, which at its core, suggests a desire to escape from – to avoid – affective states that are not positive.

In efforts to explain when individuals might make non-hedonic media choices, two studies examined individuals’ coping tendencies and current affect, among other measures, before making a media content choice. Results showed that mood management was most predictive for people who were naturally inclined to cope with stressors using avoidance tactics. Those who were less inclined to engage in avoidance coping strategies did not appear compelled to escape from, that is, improve, their low positive affective state with “happy” media.

Findings are discussed in terms of situating mood management behaviors within the larger context of coping strategies. Implications of this research include the furtherance of entertainment theory and technology innovation with regard to tailoring one’s entertainment media diet.

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