Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The influence of social media on mass demonstrations: an exploratory conceptual model

an article by Carla D.M. Soares and Luiz Antonio Joia (Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration – Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) published in International Journal of Electronic Governance Volume 8 Number 4 (2016)


Information and communication technology (ICT) affects all issues in the modern world, including mass demonstrations. The impact of these technologies on such movements has been felt worldwide in recent years, affecting both developed countries such as Spain and the USA, as well as developing countries such as Brazil, Egypt and Tunisia.

The intensive use of the internet and especially social media has been a distinctive common denominator in the public demonstrations that have occurred in the most diverse scenarios over the past few years with respect to their organisation and communication.

Therefore, based on a review of the extant literature on the topic, this paper seeks to propose an exploratory conceptual model about the influence of the use of social media on mass demonstrations, whereby possible scenarios in which these popular demonstrations tend to occur can be identified.

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