Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The latest news from the Learning Records Service

via The information authority news feed

From January 2014 the use of the Unique Learner Number in state schools will become mandatory.

What else has the Learning Records Service been up to?

Hazel’s comment:
I cannot remember how many hours I spent along with colleagues from the wider ADSET community back in the dim and distant past trying to persuade the “powers that be” that a unique student identifier was essential if we were truly to see the outcomes of education and training.
And if I delve into the pile of papers that I call my archive I could, no doubt, find the report of a seminar on the topic dated around 1992 or ’93 at which the delegates concluded that it wasn't practical, it contravened Data Protection law and the students would not accept being tracked throughout their lives.
Hey ho, the surveillance society is here. Big Brother is thirty years late.

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