Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Teaching entrepreneurship in vocational education viewed from the regional and field perspectives

an article by Taina Järvi (Lapland Vocational College, Rovaniemi, Finland) published in Journal of Vocational Education & Training Volume 64 Issue 3 (September 2012)


Very little research has been conducted on the teaching of entrepreneurship, in particular in vocational education. Entrepreneurship is included in the national curriculum of many European countries, but there is concern over the competence of its teachers and their training in entrepreneurship (European Commission 2009, 14).

This article explores entrepreneurship education from teachers’ viewpoints eliciting their views on its aims, methods and content.

The article investigates the planning behind entrepreneurship studies in a region of Northern Finland and is informed by a literature review of entrepreneurial learning and input from teachers. The analysis indicates that entrepreneurship education should be assessed and applied from the perspective of field and region. The study suggests how vocational field, region and entrepreneurial learning can be brought together when planning the content and methods of practical studies, for example in work-based learning.

Hazel’s comment:
Is entrepreneurship a taught subject in British schools and colleges?
Is it a subject that can be taught or does it have to be learned through experience?
Given that the answer to both the above questions is “yes” just how effective is the learning?

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