Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spatially Concentrated Deprivation in England: An Empirical Assessment

an article by Alasdair Rae (Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield, UK) published in Regional Studies Volume 46 Issue 9 (2012)


Spatially concentrated deprivation is a well-documented phenomenon and is of interest to a diverse constituency of academics and policy-makers.

Despite the accepted view of concentrated deprivation as a problem, however, the empirical basis for understanding it remains under-developed. Therefore, an attempt is made here to provide an empirical assessment of spatially concentrated deprivation in England using spatial statistics and a policy-relevant deprivation measure.

More localized analyses are also conducted for London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

The results demonstrate that deprivation in England is highly concentrated, that it varies significantly over space and that spatial patterns persist through time.

JEL classifications: J, J0, J4, J6, J40, J60, J64

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