Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Can training teachers stimulate career learning conversations? Analysis of vocational training conversations in Dutch secondary vocational education

an article by Annemie Winters and Herman Baert (Centre for Research on Professional Learning & Development, Leuven, Belgium) and Frans Meijers and Marinka Kuijpers (The Hague University of Professional Education, The Netherlands) published in Journal of Vocational Education & Training Volume 64 Issue 3 (2012)


In present-day society students are no longer expected to learn for stable employment, but for lifelong employability.

This implies a major shift in educational approach.

Previous research has shown which characteristics of learning environments correlate with students’ competences to self-direct their careers, but until now this had not inspired intervention studies.

Following a baseline measure (reported in Winters et al. 2009), we studied vocational training conversations during the transition to competence-based education in the Netherlands and more specifically before and after a specific teacher training.

Results show a significant shift in the organisation of career learning conversations as a result of the teacher training, but also highlight the difficulty of actual behavioural change in educational reform.

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