Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Understanding t-government progress and issues: a case study of a United Kingdom local authority

an article by Stephen Jones (Information, Communication and Technology, Conwy County Borough Council) published in Journal of Enterprise Information Management Volume 25 Issue 6 (2012)


This paper reports the findings from an empirical analysis of stakeholder opinions relating to t-government within a United Kingdom local authority. These t-government initiatives are related to a national drive for the implementation of t-government from the UK Central Government. The aim of this paper is to gain insight, knowledge and understanding into important issues relating to t-government from a single case study, senior executive, decision making and user perspective, and to develop a framework for t-government.
The paper utilises an interpretive exploratory case study research via structured interviews with senior and strategic executives in the case study organisation.
A conceptualised framework for t-government is extrapolated from the issues raised in the case study, to assist with the t-government initiatives for UK public sector and elsewhere.
Research limitations/implications
The paper is a single case study, not generalisable, but may be generally useful (Walsham).
Practical implications
The paper extrapolates lessons learnt, framework and options for successful t-government deployment, from a senior executive user perspective.
Social implications
Social inclusion is an important and current issue and is discussed in context of the case study.
The paper brings together the literature, recent discussions within enterprise, United Kingdom Central Government, public sector and t-government, together with an exploratory empirical public sector case study from a senior user perspective. The aim is to inform theory and practice.

Hazel’s comment:
I’ve seen so little on transformational government in recent months that I’d almost forgotten that it was still on the government’s agenda.
In case you are in the same position here is a link that may help, Wikipedia, of course!
I also found another article, this time from 2009, which I thought interesting.

Transformational Government and Assistive web base technologies (PDF 17pp)

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