Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The future of young women's economic role in a globalized economy: New opportunities, persisting constraints

an article by Marlis Buchmann (University of Zurich) and Tina Malti (University of Toronto) published in New Directions for Youth Development Volume 2012 Issue 135 (Autumn (Fall) 2012)


Young women in advanced industrial countries have been outperforming young men in educational attainment at the same time that their labour market outcomes are still lagging.

Sex segregation in education and the labour market is identified as an important source of this imbalance.

Hazel’s comment:
I will continue to bewail the shortness of the abstracts in this journal which would, for most issues, matter not very much but this special has so much that relates to careers and transitions, albeit in the USA, that I despair.

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