Monday, 22 October 2012

Complex problem solving through action learning: implications for human resource development

an article by by Roland K. Yeo and Michael J. Marquardt (affiliation(s) not provided published in International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management Volume 12 Number 4 (2012)


This paper argues that complex problems can be used as opportunities for action learning, and examines the interrelations between problem solving and action learning.

It suggests that managerial thinking and reflective action taking can be enhanced through complex problem solving. The paper contributes to theory and practice as it extends the literature on action learning by understanding its efficacy in the context of complex problems.

Much of the literature is concerned with learning and action taking without examining the complexity of problems as affecting the metacognition as associated with learning.

The paper brings a new practical dimension to action learning by expanding its scope on the problem, group, and action taxonomies to enhance human resource development (HRD).

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