Monday, 22 October 2012

Government is flying blind on the impact of public sector workforce cuts on the labour market

via The Work Foundation News by Tom Phillips

With the Coalition reaching the halfway point for its Spending Review, and in the wake of the West Coast Main Line fiasco, an in-depth analysis published this week (19 Oct) by The Work Foundation warns that the government is largely flying blind on the damage public sector workforce cuts could be doing to the labour market, despite making cuts at a faster rate than either the Thatcher or Major governments. The report also raises concerns about the impact on public sector skills, with recent events at Department for Transport raising the possibility that cutbacks could be leaving key areas with a shortage of essential skills and experience.

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Hazel’s comment:
If you dispense with chiefs and promote indians to take their places, and if you continue to follow the civil service mantra of not leaving anyone in a single position too long (except for professionals such as psychologists) then you risk losing all the expertise that has built up.
This has obviously happened in the Department for Transport over the franchise issue because no-one seems to have understood the rules (except the people from Virgin who went through the procedure with different civil servants).

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