Monday, 15 October 2012

Why I'm concerned about the direction of the National Careers Service

via Adventures in Career Development

Back in the early days of the new government I went to Belfast to the Institute of Career Guidance conference. The highlight was hearing the new minister John Hayes outline his vision for a new National Careers Service that brought together the best of Connexions and Next Step.

We all know how that ended up. Tony Watts has forensically analysed the policies of the current government if you want the whole story, and he and I have also written about the end of Connexions.

Careers work with young people in England has gone through a massive crisis. We don't know where that is going to end, but at the moment the new reality of school based careers work is still bedding in. I see little reason for optimism, but we don't really have much choice but to see how it goes.

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There’s some disquieting issues raised in the rest of Tristram’s post.

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