Monday, 15 October 2012

Proactive personality and job performance: The role of job crafting and work engagement

Arnold B Bakker, Maria Tims and Daantje Derks (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands) published in Human Relations Volume 65 Number 10 (October 2012)


The article examines the role of proactive personality in predicting work engagement and job performance. On the basis of the literature on proactive personality and the job demands–resources model, we hypothesised that employees with a proactive personality would be most likely to craft their own jobs, in order to stay engaged and perform well.

Data were collected among 95 dyads of employees (N = 190), who were working in various organisations.

The results of structural equation modelling analyses offered strong support for the proposed model.

Employees who were characterised by a proactive personality were most likely to craft their jobs (increase their structural and social job resources, and increase their job challenges); job crafting, in turn, was predictive of work engagement (vigour, dedication, and absorption) and colleague-ratings of in-role performance.

These findings suggest that, to the extent that employees proactively adjust their work environment, they manage to stay engaged and perform well.

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