Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Message Content and Sources During Organizational Socialization

an article by Zachary P. Hart (Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights published in Journal of Business Communication Volume 49 Number 3 (July 2012)


This article furthers the recent trend of studying communication during new employee socialization by examining the nature of message content and message sources during this important process.

Results from an investigation of 85 newly hired hotel managers’ socialization experiences indicate that newcomers distinguish clearly between the extent they receive different socialization message content. They also receive distinct message content from different sources, suggesting newcomers rely on a variety of sources for socialization information.

The implications of these results on the success of newcomer adjustment are also discussed and directions for future research are offered.

Hazel’s comment:
Useful for managers and the newcomers to understand that those first weeks are not just about rules, regulations and procedures but also about the people!

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