Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Global employment trends for youth 2012

This report from the International Labour Office was published in May this year.

My brief summary using the headings from the Executive summary

The report highlights the continuing youth unemployment crisis, and the impact of the economic downturn on youth labour force participation.

It asks whether temporary employment and part-time work provide a reasonable transition into full-time employment which is not designated as temporary.

Whilst accepting that in general more, better education is likely to lead to a more successful entry into the labour market the report warns that greater human capital and higher levels of education do not automatically translate into improved labour market outcomes and more jobs.

Youth employment policies warrant the highest priority. Important areas for interventions include:
  • macroeconomic and growth policies;
  • active labour market policies and programmes;
  • better strategies to improve social protection for young people, and to tailor labour market reforms for their specific needs;
  • social dialogue and partnerships for youth employment; and
  • supporting strong labour market information and analysis systems which provide the basis to monitor labour markets and design and implement effective policies.
Full report (PDF 55pp)

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