Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Affirming entrepreneurial education: learning, employability and personal development

an article by Judith Crayford, Colm Fearon and Wim van Vuuren (CCCU, Canterbury, UK) and Heather McLaughlin (INLECOM, UK) published in Industrial and Commercial Training Volume 44 Issue 4 (2012)


This article aims to discuss the changing role of entrepreneurial education for promoting personal development, learning and employability skills.
The authors review key literature and policy from the EU, in conjunction with recent UK initiatives and organisations that are urging greater action to develop the skills and entrepreneurial mind-set necessary for the graduates of tomorrow.
There is a sense of urgency and change in mainstream higher education (HE) to promote and embed greater entrepreneurial and workplace skills among graduates. Students are expected to demonstrate greater employability skills and signs of the entrepreneurial mind-set that will help organisations innovate and succeed.
The article clearly makes the link between the need for personal development, employability skills and attributes of an entrepreneurial mind-set among graduates for the post-2011 workplace.

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