Monday, 9 July 2012

Multinational Talent: Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty

via Big Think by Megan Erickson

Big Think is one of the sources that I use regularly in my weekend miscellany of the weird and wonderful – and very rarely in the more serious weekday posts.

This one which focuses on the shortage of experienced workers in a global context reminds all employment advisers, if not the careers advisers, that finding the shortages, and matching your talent to the skills profile is probably a good idea.

You do, of course, need to have a crystal ball; a crystal ball that can see eight to ten years into the future based on today’s trends. Which reminds me that the Dutch government funded some research in this area some time ago – I still have the report of the work somewhere!

Read the original Big Think article, watch the short video and read about Inside Employers’ Minds: Confronting Critical Workforce Challenges from Mercer.

A bit too much in North-American-business-speak to suit my tastes!

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