Tuesday, 24 July 2012

3 Signs You Are in the Wrong Job and What to Do About It (without Quitting)

via Stepcase Lifehack by Farnoosh Brock

OK, this is written for individuals, and American individuals at that, rather than careers practitioners but I thought it worth including even if I don’t personally find some of the proposed strategy practical.

What if you are in the wrong job and are too caught up in the rat race of every day life to even take notice?

Maybe you believe that “all jobs everywhere” mean nothing more than a life of drudgery. Or maybe you ignore the signs that make you wonder why you do what you do. After all, you have responsibilities, you have commitments, and you need the income, so what if you cannot stand your job?

Well, you have convinced yourself to put up with it because quitting is not an option!

While quitting may not be an option, you do have other options. There are many shades of grey and you can do things to make the current situation better. You can find out even the wrong job can become more tolerable and pleasant when you take some action!

Let’s take a look at 3 signs you are in the wrong job and what you can do about it without quitting.

1. You Actively Seek Distractions at Work

2. You Have Zero Interest in Engaging with Your Team

3. You Are Doing it Just for the Money

Continue reading here to get the detail of the points made.

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