Friday, 20 July 2012

Some useful things I’ve been reading

Coming back to the real world from the cave that is where I hide when the depression gets too awful to cope with is not easy. Of course, it isn’t really a cave but just as some people visualize a deep hole so for me it’s the place where my mind goes to avoid having to make contact with people.

And there is, of course, the stigma of mental health problems which abounds in our society. I’m doing my best to be open but there’s the pressure of work not done, people not contacted and so on that does, if I’m not careful, push me back.

Enough about me, to the point.

Some things I found when I started reading through 12 issues of Tips & Advice Internet.
  1. The control panel of Windows 7 and Vista has an “Ease of Access Center” which contains some little-known tools which may come in handy.
    You can access the Center by simultaneously hitting the Windows-key and the U-key (you do know about going back to your desktop with the Windows-key and the D-key, don’t you?).
    The Center contains tool such as “typing without a keyboard” and “using the mouse without a mouse” (both very useful if your wireless keyboard or mouse gives up the ghost). Other utilities such as Sticky Keys and a high-contrast visual display may prove useful.
  2. Reading e-books on your computer
    If you don’t have an e-book reader but want to read e-books on your desktop, laptop or netbook, what are your options?
    Software versions of hardware:
        Nook e-reader software.
        Kindle e-reader software.
        Kobo books – which has more than a million free e-books.
    Your browser as e-reader:
        Kindle Cloud Reader
        Google Books
        and don’t forget Project Gutenberg
    And finally:
    Calibre is, apparently, brilliant. Not only is it an e-reader but also an fully-fledged management system for your e-library.
  3. the successor to Dropbox?
    Worth a try as it offers much more free storage than Dropbox and has backup and collaboration functions. Not yet available for Android or BlackBerry users.
Six issues read, six to go but after a while my brain ceases to function – my eyes see the words on the page but the meaning of them does not get through. More next week.

And to go back to the personal! I have managed to acquire an inflamed tendon in my leg which whilst not in any way incapacitating bloomin' well hurts. And the rather strong anti-inflammatory drugs are making me feel more than usually dopey.

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