Thursday, 19 July 2012

The internet: friend or foe?

Actually it wasn’t so much the internet that was the problem it was the connection that allowed me, or should have allowed me, to access the internet this afternoon from the British Library.

I’ve got quite a lot of reading done but almost no writing except a few odd notes in Word. My usual practice when I read an article in a journal for which I haven't already seen the abstracts (and there are some that do not publish these) is to do a quick search. Frequently I can find what I’m looking for so the frustration of spending time with a very flakey connection was immense!

Is the internet, of itself, a friend or a foe? It is, of course, neither. It’s the way that you use this tool that matters and, late in the day though it may be, I intend to work really hard for the next couple of hours. Expect good things tomorrow.

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