Monday, 9 July 2012

‘It's a macho thing, innit?’ Exploring the effects of masculinity on career choice and development

an article by A. N. Hancock (Coventry University, UK) published in Gender, Work & Organization Volume 19 Issue 4 (July 2012)


Through the analysis of qualitative data of the life stories of ten male returners to further education this article aims to support and develop some of the ideas presented in Gender, Work & Organization by both Simpson in 2005 and Lupton in 2006 on men in non-traditional occupations.

I employ the notion of multiple masculinities to understand my cohort’s careers and demonstrate that over time early socialization can be overcome so that some men can make non-stereotypical career decisions later in life.

In offering an explanation as to why this might be the case, I argue that in late modernity some men can actively choose non-traditional occupations, albeit within a gendered and classed labour market. I also offer insights into male identity in late modernity.

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