Thursday, 12 July 2012

What did I do differently yesterday?

The glib answer to that question is, “nothing”.

Why am I asking it? Because the raw data tells me that more pages were viewed on my blog yesterday than for any day in the last four weeks. I can’t remember that I posted anything outstandingly interesting and I certainly didn’t reach my target of eight posts a day.

And, looking at the time, I won’t achieve target today because of having nothing scheduled and being an ironing pixie this morning and will be travelling to Nottingham this afternoon in order to go to eBusiness Club breakfast event tomorrow. That successfully writes off tomorrow because I then have to get back home and prepare for kids' club at 5pm. Looks as though this evening will be spent scheduling posts for tomorrow instead of spending time with my younger daughter, her husband and my grandson.

The woman is making excuses but that doesn’t answer the original question; what did I do yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, that caused the graph to rise so spectacularly?

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