Thursday, 26 July 2012

Information Architectures for Information Sharing Management – A Literature Review

an article by Shuyan Xie, Markus Helfert and Lukasz Ostrowski (Dublin City University, Ireland) published in Journal of Information & Knowledge Management Volume 11 Issue 2 (June 2012)


The struggle for commercial supremacy through information is being fought on two points: information management and enabling technologies.

Over the last years, there has been an increasing focus on information architecture (IA) to help organisations distinguish and manage information as corporate resource. As the information complexity increases, more IA studies show that IA could provide the structural and process design to facilitate enterprise interoperation under the information sharing environment.

However, limited IA has been addressed for the usage of managing the information sharing. Motivated by this observation, this paper presents a literature review that IA can be used to understand and manage information sharing, utilising the enterprise information resource statically and dynamically through IA implementation.

First, enterprise IA description and definition are presented. Second, we analyse IA from a static and dynamic view to reveal the research streams on an architectural approach for information sharing management. Third, contributions and limitations are discussed.

It is finally concluded by providing future IA research directions and implications for empirical applications. Our research illustrates that IA deployment imposes a positive influence on information sharing management.

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