Monday, 23 July 2012

Institutional reforms and age-graded labour market inequalities in Europe

an article by Martina Dieckhoff (Social Science Research Center Berlin, Germany) and Nadia Steiber (European University Institute, Italy) published in International Journal of Comparative Sociology Volume 53 Number 2 (April 2012)


This article examines how institutional change affects age-based labour market inequalities in Europe. We focus on the impact of labour regulation and of wage-setting institutions on the male population aged 25–54.

Age-graded labour market inequalities within this group of prime-age individuals are hitherto under-researched.

We estimate country panel regressions using data from the European Union Labour Force Survey and time-series data on institutional change for the years 1992–2007. The results present evidence that employment protection and the regulation of temporary work affect age-based inequality dynamics, while union strength has positive employment effects on all age-groups.

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