Thursday, 19 July 2012

A multidimensional taxonomy of intra-firm knowledge transfer processes

an article by Martin Spraggon and Virginia Bodolica (American University of Sharjah, School of Business and Management, United Arab Emirates) published in Journal of Business Research Volume 65 Issue 9 (September 2012)


This article advances a multidimensional taxonomy of intra-firm knowledge transfer processes that incorporates relevant insights from various streams of the knowledge management literature.

Based on several theoretical constructs that form the taxonomy, four categories of knowledge transfer processes emerge: static virtual, dynamic virtual, canonical face-to-face and non-canonical face-to-face processes. The proposed categories embrace four idiosyncrasies which illustrate their capacity to enable the mobilization of a given type of knowledge, the deployment of specific communication attributes, the overcoming of knowledge transfer barriers, and the attainment of targeted knowledge outcomes.

The article concludes that in order to enhance the effectiveness of intra-firm knowledge transfer endeavours managers ought to consider the idiosyncrasies of selected processes and assess the extent to which they fit into the broader strategic orientation of the organization.

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