Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Escaping bullying: The simultaneous impact of individual and unit-level bullying on turnover intentions

an article by Marjan Houshmand, Jane O’Reilly, Sandra Robinson and Angela Wolff (University of British Columbia, Canada) published in Human Relations Volume 65 Number 7 (July 2012)


In this study, we investigate the simultaneous impact of, and interaction between, being the direct target of bullying and working in an environment characterized by bullying upon employees’ turnover intentions.

Hierarchical linear modelling analysis of a sample of 41 hospital units and 357 nurses demonstrates that working in an environment characterized by bullying increases individual employees’ turnover intentions. Importantly, employees report similarly high turnover intentions when they are either the direct target of bullying or when they work in work units characterized by high bullying.

Results also suggest that the impact of unit-level bullying is stronger on those who are not often directly bullied themselves.

Hazel’s comment:
Interesting that it is colleagues rather than the “victim” who appear to be more affected by the bullying in terms of intending to leave the employment.
It could, of course, be that the atmosphere is so poisonous that those who have the strength to get out actually do so.

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