Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Remote Worker Blogs

Those of you who work remotely will find the list that Marieke Guy has prepared of blogs that have helped her very useful.

To be honest, if you work at home alone you will probably find a lot of the information and advice helpful.

Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen is a technology blog by a guy who works from home. There are a lot of great technology reviews, podcasts, lists of services and programming tips but Scott also writes about the challenges of remote working in his remote work category.

Lea Woodward's Location Independent blog has always been a real inspiration. Lea left the rat race in 2005 and has been travelling round the work and working ever since (though they are now back in the UK). Her blog gives lots of good technical tips but is also one of the best for motivational support. I keep meaning to ask if Lea would consider writing a blog post!

Wide teams is a blog and podcast about geographically dispersed teams, with an emphasis on software development teams. It was created by Avdi Grimm, who has written a guest blog post for us before. The weekly podcast is excellent and offers a real hands-on perspective on newer ways of working.

How to Work from Home is a blog by Judy Heminsley. Judy organizes local Jellys (remote worker meet-ups) and is an active tweeter

Remote Worker Daily is the work of Doug Campbell, another guest blog post writer. It has lots of really useful advice, links to remote jobs and resources. Doug's site A mobile app a day is really good too.

The Work at Home Woman is a blog by Holly Reisem Hanna for mums who want to set up a business and work for themselves. There are quite a lot of interviews with home workers and lots of productivity tips.

In her Freelance Lifestyle blog Emma Cossey often writes about working from home. She also podcasts and offers online tutorials.

Andy Abramson’s blog is another technical perspective on home working. He often posts on VOIP and working anywhere.

The author of Head In The Clouds: The Location Independent Office – How to take your business or job online and work remotely from wherever you please!, Phil Byrne, also writes a blog about Living and working abroad. More useful tips and reviews.

Also a quick mention for Mashable and the readwriteblog – both great for ideas.

If you know of any great remote worker blogs please do go to Marieke’s post and add your recommendation into the comments.

Hazel’s comment:
Just what has this got to do with careers information? Not much.
What has this got to do with supporting guidance practitioners? A great deal – as more and more are forced into becoming consultants with the consequent loss of an employer’s central support system and administration.

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