Friday, 8 June 2012

Youth migration: study, job and life perspective

an article by Alessio Emanuele Biondo (affiliation not provided) published in International Journal of Education Economics and Development Volume 3 Number 2 (2012)


One of the most recurrent insights about international migration is the link with development and dynamic perspectives of a country. A comprehensive approach to this topic is essential to put migration at the core of any policy-maker’s agenda as it must be seen as an opportunity in both origin and destination countries, rather than as a threat.

Youth migration is the basis of human capital accumulation for future generations and, therefore, it assumes a very relevant role in social and economic growth.

This paper analyses data collected in four European countries to underline needs and fears of young migrants who want to live their dynamic and open-minded life internationally but feel unsecure about the way to do it. Presented results identify critical factors and suggest adequate policies to enhance international youth migration.

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