Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to thrive in the new civil service

an article by by Jane Dudman published in Guardian Government Computing: Central government

Ten top tips for civil servants looking to adapt to future changes

The government’s civil service reform plan wants civil servants to be part of a pacier, more unified, more skilled professional service.

Here are ten tips for those seeking to thrive in the civil service of tomorrow: [detail here]
  1. Be a specialist (but not too specialist).
  2. Get some experience outside the civil service (but not too early on, and don't move jobs too often).
  3. Get ready to step on the heads of those a couple of grades above you (but don't expect extra pay for the extra work you'll be doing).
  4. Hone your skills in crowdsourcing (but don't forget that the buck stops with you).
  5. Get ready for “rank and yank”.
  6. Make sure your CV includes operational experience and get out of Whitehall.
  7. Brush up on your impact assessment skills.
  8. Blog, tweet and get on Facebook (but stick to posts about your labrador).
  9. Get to know your Whitehall neighbours.
  10. Practise what to say to Margaret Hodge.

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