Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Do You Have a Career Plan? That's Nice. Now It's Time to Improvise.

Daniel Honan, writing in Big Think, uses the example of Ann Veneman to show that a direct trajectory to a fixed goal is not always the best way of achieving success.

Ms Veneman has broken so many glass ceilings that she is understandably asked about her career strategy quite often. One would assume that the former Secretary of Agriculture had a very clear career plan right from the start. And yet, Veneman tells Big Think her approach was very unorthodox, as she rose to a cabinet post in the White House and a top leadership position at the UN.

According to Veneman, career success for her was a matter of taking advantage of opportunities, not having a set plan.

The short piece in Big Think contains a video clip [the sound and vision tracks are way out of sync!]

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