Monday, 11 June 2012

Management and discovery research of semantic web service based on concept lattice

an article by Tielei Ouyang, Xiaowei He and Xiaoqiang Jiang (affiliation(s) not provided) published in International Journal of Granular Computing, Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems Volume 2 Number 3 (2012)


With the development and application of web service technology, how to make semantic web service mechanism have the ability of high recall and precision has become a research focus in this field, and how to match efficiently and find the services meeting users’ request are the basis of service composition.

By analysing the characteristics of semantic web service, this paper presents semantic service concept lattice formulation based on semantic web service and also uses classified information to carry out the classification management of service, and provides the construction, update, and search algorithms of semantic web service lattice. The relevant experiment results show that the efficiency of service search and maintenance are both improved greatly by this model.

Hazel’s comment:
The authors are asking for both high recall and high precision. These rarely go together and if these people have indeed found a model with allows for this then it should be brought into use!

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