Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Developing business. Developing careers.

How and why employers are supporting the career development of their employees

A report, funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, produced by the International Centre for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby and the Policy Research Institute at Leeds Metropolitan University. It was authored by: Jo Hutchinson and Tristram Hooley (iCeGS, University of Derby) and Dave Devins and Sarah Kelsey (PRI, Leeds Metropolitan University)

Focusing on career development can help businesses maximise the potential of their staff. There are a variety of strategies and activities that can be used to support career development and this report showcases the approaches taken by seven different employers. The case studies outline the approaches taken and highlight the real business benefits that employers have identified.

The case studies include Morrisons Supermarkets’ work with social enterprises to deliver its growth strategy; BeOnsite, which recruits and trains disadvantaged adults; the partnership arrangements between Barclaycard and a trade union; and Gentoo, which uses its career management structure to build a strong community brand.

The approaches are diverse and taken together demonstrate the advantages that focusing on career development can bring. There isn’t one solution that will work for everyone and we hope the case studies will inspire businesses and provide a starting point for considering how career development approaches can work for them.

The case studies are underpinned by a more detailed project report, Tackling unemployment, supporting business and developing careers which discusses the ideas mentioned here. Full text (PDF 22pp)

Both these documents were published in May 2012.

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