Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Evaluating the well-being of public library workers

an article by Bridget Juniper (Work and Well-Being, UK) and Pat Bellamy and Nicola White (Cranfield University, UK) published in  Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Volume 44 Number 2 (June 2012)


This study aimed to develop and pilot a questionnaire to determine the ways in which working in a UK public library system can impact the well-being of those deployed in the sector.

The methodological framework was based on an approach used to evaluate the well-being of patients in a clinical setting. Based on the responses of 466 employees, the results identified eight dimensions of library worker well-being; organizational, advancement, job design aspects, physical health, psychological health, interpersonal relationships, workload and facilities.

Analyses indicated that organizational aspects most impaired well-being and longer-serving employees were worst affected. The findings offer a new, evidence-based perspective on the well-being issues that public library workers perceive to be most important and challenge earlier claims regarding stress and burnout.

Also considered is the relevance of employer-sponsored wellness programmes where improvement in organizational performance is the prime reason behind provision.

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