Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Maximizing talent management through the cloud: …

New technologies offer opportunities to develop skills and careers

 an article by Jason Corsello, (Cornerstone OnDemand, Santa Monica) published in Human Resource Management International Digest Volume 20 Issue 4 (2012)


Argues that cloud computing will have a vital role to play in the effective management of organizational talent and human resources over the next decade.
Draws on personal knowledge of the latest developments in information technology and experience of planning, developing, delivering and supporting applications and technology platforms that help organizations to manage their human resources. Identifies potential pitfalls in the adoption of cloud computing and provides advice on how to ensure that the organization secures the best solution for its needs.
Reveals that cloud computing will enable organizations and individuals to automate and standardize key processes, as well as gain access to and generate a greater volume of timely and useful information, thus helping to maximize the organization’s talent-management strategy in a cost-effective manner.
Practical implications
Argues that when an organization uses an integrated suite of talent-management applications, hosted in the application provider’s “cloud”", it benefits from more frequently updated, high quality and flexible functionality. It also saves the organization the cost and effort associated with maintaining the hardware and software necessary to run the applications and store the data in-house.
Social implications
Demonstrates how opportunities to develop skills and careers can be improved through the use of new technologies.
Draws on the author’s breadth of skill and experience to demonstrate how cloud computing can be used to improve the practice of talent management.

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