Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Returning to the job market: strategies for a mid-career job search

Clare Whitmell in Guardian careers: The Careers Blog

Whether you’re job seeking again following redundancy, having children or just a change of direction, here’s some advice for getting your career back on track A recent Guardian Careers live Q&A on job seeking for mature graduates highlighted many of the difficulties and frustrations that older job seekers face.

Mid-career job seekers have a unique set of challenges. Family circumstances might make it impossible to relocate at short notice, commute long distances, accept longer or flexible hours or take on lower-paid work. Other problems may arise from a diverse career history, lack of specialisation, or even employer bias against older (or overqualified) applicants.

If you’re a mid-career job seeker, certain strategies will enhance your strengths and make you attractive to an employer.

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