Monday, 11 June 2012

Use of alcohol and drugs at the workplace

a study published by the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO) in May 2012

Alcohol and drugs represent a serious problem for a significant percentage of the working population (5%-20% of workers), especially in some sectors and occupations. Consumption of alcohol and drugs at work can have negative impacts for individuals and organisations in terms of health problems, more instances of sick leave/short-term absenteeism, reduced performance, labour conflicts, more work accidents, company image problems, and damage to equipment or products.

Public authorities and social partners in EU countries have developed national legislation and agreements banning/limiting alcohol/drug use at work, with a focus on testing practices intended to control usage at work. Public authorities and social partners have also adopted various policy measures to prevent and combat the negative effects of alcohol and drug use at work.

The study was compiled on the basis of individual national reports submitted by the EWCO correspondents. The text of each of these national reports is available here. The reports have not been edited or approved by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. The national reports were drawn up in response to a questionnaire and should be read in conjunction with it.
The UK’s report is here.

Full text of Comparative study (PDF 49pp)
Executive Summary (PDF 2pp)

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