Friday, 8 June 2012

The knowledge city index: a case study of Mysore

Before I got into reading the abstract for this article I realised that I needed to know a bit more (like something) about Mysore. Thanks to Wikipedia I discovered that Mysore is in the state of Karnataka and is located at the base of the Chamundi Hills about 146 km (91 m) southwest of the state capital Bangalore.

so to an article by Raghav V. Sampangi, Waltraut Ritter, N.V. Vighnesh and H.C. Ashish Ray (no affiliations provided by the publisher) published in International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development Voume 3 Number 2 (2012)


The purpose of this paper is to present the preliminary findings of a larger project that aims at studying the concept of a knowledge city, develop frameworks for a knowledge city as applicable to developing nations, and evaluate Mysore as a knowledge city.

This paper presents a framework, knowledge city index (KCI), developed as part of our study and analyses the position of Mysore as a knowledge city in terms of the indicators of KCI.

The study involved literature reviews on the concept of knowledge cities, and diverse aspects of metrics, indicators, and data of knowledge/intellectual capital – both historical and current of Mysore city.

Based on the preliminary findings, this study concludes that Mysore has inherent and demonstrated potential of being positioned as a knowledge city and by focusing on the appropriate areas, it can transit towards a knowledge-based economy, which not only fosters socio-economic development, but also retains its rich cultural heritage.

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