Friday, 1 June 2012

Au revoir – as the French have it

Today is the last “working” day for many people here in the UK before a four-day holiday. Saturday and Sunday are weekend, Monday is a Bank Holiday (which would normally have been taken on the last Monday in May but was deferred for a week) and Tuesday is an extra holiday decreed in order to celebrate the 60 years that Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne.

As far as posting items to this blog is concerned I will publish one for each of the holiday days (trivial, interesting, educative, weird or disturbing stories I’ve happened across) and be back with the more serious stuff on Wednesday.

Twitter followers will be aware that, with a couple of exceptions, I have been posting interesting news items and, of course, blog posts via Tweetfeed and nothing else for the last three weeks. When I get my head back into a better place I will start to be more interactive – possibly.

In the meantime I have got to put together a proposal for a small piece of research and finalise tidying up a large database. It always amazes me how long it takes to do that final tidying up. Do all memo fields contain sentences with proper sentence structure? Are codes consistently placed? Has mining suddenly acquired a link to sewing machining? (Not in this one but in an older one I found exactly that.) Are the names of organisations consistent? (21 different ways of writing City and Guilds of London Institute is one of my all-time favourites!)

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