Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Is being satisfied enough? Well-being and IT post-adoption behavior: An empirical study of Facebook

an article by Chorng-Shyong Ong and Michael Yu-Ching Lin (National Taiwan University) published in Information Development Volume 32 Number 4 (September 2016)


Well-being has rarely been used to discuss the post-adoption behavior of information technology users. Currently, satisfaction is the primary predictor of user behavior in IT post-adoption research.

We live in an age when social media, mobile devices, the Internet, and other information technologies have virtually fused with our lifestyles. In discussing post-adoption behavior, focusing only on satisfaction might no longer be satisfactory. We should consider other constructs that might capture additional post-adoption factors, such as the concept of affect.

In this study, we examined the influence of well-being on continuance intention and on loyalty. We compared well-being’s impact with that of satisfaction.

A survey of 297 college students supplied the data that was entered into a structural equation model on social network site usage. The results showed strong support for satisfaction and well-being as influential factors for continuance intention and loyalty. Moreover, relative to satisfaction, we found well-being to have a greater impact on continuance intention and loyalty.

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