Monday, 23 January 2017

Doing Gender, Paying Low: Gender, Class and Work–Life Balance in Aged Care

an article by Katherine Ravenswood and Candice Harris (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand) published in Gender, Work & Organization Volume 23 Issue 6 (November 2016)


This article examines how interactions between the doing of gender and class at institutional and organizational levels perpetuate inequality for aged care workers.

In particular, it investigates how managers ‘do gender’ and class in relation to their care workers’ work–life balance and the unintended consequences of this for aged care workers. The research data comprised interviews with female managers and aged care workers from four case studies in residential aged care in New Zealand.

We argue that despite best intentions, the consequences of managers’ doing gender and class results in continuing low wages, poor work–life balance and disempowerment at work for aged care workers.

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