Thursday, 26 January 2017

Strategic approaches to disability disclosure on social media

an article by June B. Furr, Alexis Carreiro and John A. McArthur (Queens University of Charlotte, NC, USA) published in Disability & Society Volume 31 Issue 10 (2016)


Persons with physical disabilities often face isolation in face-to-face settings or limited opportunities to form relationships due to an ongoing, and often derogatory, disability narrative of difference.

Unlike face-to-face interactions, social media let persons with disabilities control how and when they disclose information about their disabilities and offer new opportunities for relationship formation.

This qualitative study establishes a theoretical framework for exploring how and why persons with physical disabilities choose to disclose their disabilities on social media platforms. Major findings from the study describe three strategic approaches (open, secure, and limited) to disability disclosure on social media.

The study also examines the relationship between age of discloser and age of the disability as key factors in approach selection.

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