Thursday, 4 April 2013

Why Do Bystanders of Bullying Help or Not? A Multidimensional Model

an article by Tiziana Pozzoli and Gianluca Gini (University of Padua, Padova, Italy) published in The Journal of Early Adolescence Volume 33 Number 3 (April 2013)


The authors employed Latanè and Darley’s model about bystanders’ behaviour to explain children’s active defending and passive bystanding behaviour in school bullying.

The three central steps of the model were operationalised by measuring provictim attitudes, personal responsibility for intervention, and coping strategies.

Moreover, the role of perceived expectations from parents and peers was investigated. A total of 759 children and 995 early adolescents participated. The findings from structural equation modelling (SEM) confirmed the hypothesised relationships and the impact of perceived peer and parent pressure on nearly all the study variables.

The model was confirmed for both age groups, with only a few differences in the paths’ magnitudes, and the model demonstrated the importance of considering both strictly individual characteristics and contextual variables. These results substantially expand previous findings and have potential interest for both researchers and educators.

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