Monday, 8 April 2013

Virtual Abuse: The Issue of Cyberbullying

an article by José Pinheiro Neves and Luzia de Oliveira Pinheiro (University of Minho, Portugal) published in International Journal of Technoethics Volume 1 Number 3 (July-September 2010) recently published in full


Cyber-bullying has become a major social concern because it raises questions about technoethics.

It has been the subject of research, information and prevention activities for different groups to protect against the misuse of technology, and because of that, this paper is based on an exploratory study about the sociological phenomenon of cyber-bullying among Portuguese university students.

The paper stresses the connection between the concepts of bullying and cyber-bullying while promoting a flexible epistemological model that highlights the emerging nature of these phenomena based on the theoretical contribution of Gregory Bateson.

In the end, the authors present the main conclusions of the empirical study.

Full text (PDF 10pp) (free registration required)

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