Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The role of a student support system and the clinical consultant

an article by Gil G. Noam (McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School) and Beth Bernstein-Yamashiro (Directs a program to introduce urban Los Angeles high school students to local and national parks) published in New Directions for Youth Development Volume 2013 Issue 137 (Spring 2013)


This article addresses the fact that student–teacher relationships uncover many clinical issues, such as trauma.

It looks at statistics of how prevalent mental health disorders and problems are and then shows that no teacher can handle all of the kinds of problems that will emerge in open relationships with the students. They need to do this work in the context of a productive student support team and system.

The article provides a framework using the public health pyramid that can help organize schools. It ends by discussing the role of a consultant to teachers and the school to help with relationship binds, boundary transgressions, and dilemmas.

Hazel’s comment:
The abstract for this is a bit sparse and I cannot confirm the value of the article itself since the British Library does not hold this journal. However, I still thought it might be useful to know what is being done in the USA on the clinical side of student support.

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