Friday, 19 April 2013

Relational Implications of Gay and Lesbian Workplace Romances: Understanding Trust, Deception, and Credibility

an article by Sean M. Horan (DePaul University, Chicago, USA) and Rebecca M. Chory (West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA) published in Journal of Business Communication Volume 50 Number 2 (April 2013)


This study examines the relational implications of same-sex workplace romances (WRs) and compares results with findings for heterosexual WRs.

Working adults (N = 147; M age = 30.87 years old) read a scenario describing a same-sex WR and completed measures of deception, trust, and credibility. Results indicate that employees trust gay and lesbian peers dating superiors less, are more likely to deceive them, and view them as less credible than gay and lesbian peers dating other peers.

Employees also perceive gay co-workers as more caring and of higher character than they perceive lesbian coworkers. Comparisons with prior research indicate that peers report less deception with gay and lesbian co-workers and higher perceptions of gay and lesbian co-workers’ caring and character compared with heterosexual co-workers.

Sex of the peer affected perceptions of gay and lesbian, but not heterosexual peers. There were no differences in the effect sizes for dating a superior versus a peer between gay and lesbian and heterosexual WRs.

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