Thursday, 4 April 2013

Coping with the unemployment crisis in Europe

an article by Hedva Sarfati (Former Director, ILO Industrial Relations and Labour Administration Department; ISSA consultant on labour market and welfare reforms) published in International Labour Review Volume 152 Issue 1 (March 2013)


Since the 1970s, Europe has been plagued by a chronic unemployment crisis, which has escalated with the current Great Recession.

The author discusses a number of relevant elements in this regard, including the extent to which social dialogue and social pacts have been successful in reforming labour markets and pension systems, the effect of active labour market policies and the characteristics of “resilient” economies. She concludes with the need to rethink social dialogue, social safety nets, the granting of loans – especially to SMEs – and the coordination of macroeconomic policies to increase labour demand.

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