Monday, 24 September 2012

Stagnating incomes for the middle, more hardship for the poorest

by Richard Exell via Touchstone from the TUC

Sometimes official statistics throw a light on a completely separate issue and that’s the case with today’s personal finance figures from the government’s Measuring National Well-being project.

This programme dates back to the time when David Cameron wanted to establish his progressive credentials and aims to measure ‘well-being’. I’d guess that most commentators are going to note that average families’ incomes have stopped rising, but the figures also show how a controversial benefit change is going to hit the poorest hardest.

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Hazel’s comment:
I live in a relatively deprived area of the south Midlands and the hardship is noticeable. It’s not so bad for those of us who have a pension coming in regularly but the benefits for those of working age do not allow people to have a balanced diet and still pay the bills for heating and light.
And now the TUC says it will get worse. I try so hard to keep this blog apolitical but …

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