Thursday, 27 September 2012

Are public sector employees overcompensated?

an article (CEPCP377) by Alexander Danzer and Peter Dolton published in CentrePiece - The Magazine for Economic Performance (Autumn 2012)

The UK’s coalition government has suggested that both pay and pensions in the public sector are too high relative to the private sector. Alexander Danzer and Peter Dolton use the concept of ‘total reward’ to evaluate this claim, comparing the lifetime compensation available to highly educated men working in the two sectors.

Full article (PDF 4pp delightfully illustrated with hares and tortoises)

This article summarises Total Reward and Pensions in the UK in the Public and Private Sectors by Alexander Danzer and Peter Dolton, Labour Economics 19(4): 584-594, August 2012 [about which I blogged in August here]

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