Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A bit of a wobble

That is how my friends at The Elephant in the Room (the Mind forum for peer support) would describe what’s happening to me today.

Several of my readers know already – and now the rest of you will – that I have had problems with depression for a long time. This is usually well controlled with medication but something really quite trivial happened yesterday which triggered a very bad reaction and I'm struggling to keep my mind together let alone sort careers information in any meaningful way.

And I’m certainly in no fit state to read up seven or eight articles for today and the same for tomorrow as I would normally do on a Wednesday which then allows me a clear day on Thursday for researching journals in the British Library.

Rather than simply leave people in the dark I thought I'd say that there will be a short hiatus. I will, no doubt, manage the trivial miscellany posts over the weekend because they are largely pre-written and I'll be back on Monday with renewed enthusiasm for the task I’ve set myself.

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