Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Qualifications and Continuous Professional Development Framework For The Career Development Workforce in Scotland

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published by The Scottish Government

Section 1: Introduction
  1. The Scottish Government established a short-life working group to develop a framework for qualifications and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for the career development workforce in Scotland. In this report, we – the Working Group – provide such a framework and make recommendations on future action. Interspersed throughout are case studies reflecting current qualifications.
  2. Our remit and membership is at Annex A.
  3. The long-term outcome we envisage is quality, relevant and meaningful qualifications and professional development opportunities that meet the needs of all of the career development workforce and which are utilised to best effect. This will support the effective and efficient delivery of careers services that enable people to make informed learning, job and career choices throughout their lives to maximise their opportunities to get, stay, flourish and progress in work.
  4. Our aims are to:
    1. improve awareness of current development opportunities, qualifications, support materials and progression routes for the career development workforce;
    2. support a better understanding of professional development gaps;
    3. provide greater clarity of how career qualifications relate to wider professional development frameworks;
    4. increase awareness by related practitioners of careers development opportunities and qualifications; and
    5. encourage more informed strategies of employers to develop their staff, having regard to everyone’s needs.
Full text (PDF 90pp)

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