Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Earning Not Learning? An Assessment of Young People in the Jobs Without Training (JWT) Group

an article by Sue Maguire (University of Warwick) and Thomas Spielhofer and Sarah Golden (National Foundation for Educational Research) published in Sociological Research Online Volume 17 Number 3 (2012)


In recent years, mass participation in post-16 education and training in England has led to a diminishing understanding about young people who leave education at the end of compulsory schooling to enter “jobs without training” (JWT).

Drawing on data from three recent studies, this article argues that the JWT group is not homogeneous in its composition. Similar findings led to the development of a common typology across all three studies to define young people’s position in the labour market, their motivations and aspirations, and their access to training and development.

It concludes with a series of recommendations for addressing the deficit in knowledge about the composition of the JWT group, and the learning and training needs of young workers.

This discussion is set in the context of the implementation of the Raising of the Participation Age (RPA) in England for all 17-year olds from 2013 and for all 18-year olds from 2015, although within the Coalition Government’s current proposals, its delivery will lack any form of immediate enforcement. Therefore, unless young workers and their employers are committed to the acquisition of accredited qualifications, RPA delivery will be seriously undermined and intervention to support school to work transitions among the JWT group will remain negligible.

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